Group Classes  —  Classes of up to 5 students each meet weekly in our dedicated classroom.   Schedules are variable–we try to mix things up so that if one class doesn’t work with your schedule, check back!  It might be on a different night the next 6 weeks.  Most classes meet for 1 hour each week for 6 consecutive weeks.  Exceptions are noted on the schedule and at sign up.

Classes are offered in Barn Hunt, Puppy, Canine Good Citizen Prep, Tricks, Parkour, and more!

Private Training —  Need help with something specific (perhaps a problem behavior, or working on a specific aspect of obedience, rally, or agility)?  Does your schedule not allow for the the constraints of a class that meets the same night each week?  We offer private training on a wide variety of topics and issues.  Our rate is $70 per hour, or you can purchase 4 1-hour sessions at a time for $250 ($62.50 per hour).

Barn Hunt — Try one of the fastest growing sports in the dog world!  We have a dedicated course, friendly rats (whose well-being is our top priority), and a fun group of folks who love to help each other and go to trials together.  Soon we will be holding our own trials right here!